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What our customers are saying

"My first cockapoo, Omar, was only 5 months old when he needed a trim. I was happy enough to find a groomer right in my neighborhood, what a gift! I was eagerly looking forward to picking up my puppy that afternoon. I walked into the salon and couldn't find Omar, until the groomer pointed him out. Omar was so butchered, that I could not even recognize my own dog

That very weekend, I was attending an open house for dog vendors with Omar in tow. Lisa took one look at Omar and exclaimed," I can make your Cockapoo look like a Cockapoo." She was so confident, I knew she could and did. I have never looked back!

Fast forward, 5 years and 2 more cockapoos and they all get groomed by Lisa. She does a fantastic job of grooming your dogs breed as opposed to just a "shavedown." And she gets to know each dogs personality, she will groom accordingly. Other than grooming, Lisa is also knowledgeable about all things dog; temperament, health you name it. I feel very confident in the care my dogs receive when in Lisa's hands."

Joan T, Hilbert

What our customers are saying

I have been using Lisa's grooming services for 10 years. I am always pleased and impressed with the results when I pick Joey up from his appointment. He is also very comfortable and willing to go with Lisa whenever I drop him off! Due to some physical limitations I have, it's challenging to walk Joey inside to Lisa and back out to my car when I pick up.  For years Lisa has come out to my car to take Joey, then brings him back out when I pick him up. I am so grateful for her help, it makes the trip much easier for me. 

Barb B, Appleton

What our customers are saying

My two aussiedoodles have loved their spa time with Lisa since they were puppies.  She does a great job with their very different coats - they always look and smell great - and she accommodates special requests beautifully.  The girls adore Lisa; 5 stars from us!

Marla A, Appleton

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